News Update - April 2018

1) Your Comments So Far

Many thanks to all those who attended our inaugural meeting at St Andrew's Church, Ombersley on 2nd November last year, and all the subsequent drop-in coffee mornings. We have gathered your comments from these events and from the web survey. The Neighbourhood Plan is a refection of what you want and so every comment received will have a direct bearing in shaping our planning policy in the future.

Jim Callow has evaluated your comments which fall under two broad categories:

  • Things you value most, and
  • Changes or developments that matter most to you

The two charts on the right show the spread of the results.

  • Local amenities and the village community were the top of the valued list
  • Traffic and housing were the top concerns you had

The Web Survey produced similar results. This survey asked you to pick your top 5 choices from a menu of 14 items so we were able to add the dimension of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th weightings. If you would like to see this in more detail please download the report below.

If you would like to read the full reports click the links below to download them :

2) On-going work behind the scenes

Work on the draft Neighbourhood Plan is on-going behind the scenes. The volunteer group meets monthly and has divided into sub-groups to look at different aspects of the plan:

  • Economic Issues (business support, infrastructure, land availability
  • Social Issues (housing, local services, community needs in support of health, social and cultural well-being)
  • Environmental Issues (enhancing and protecting our natural and historic environment, helping biodiversity, minimising waste and pollution, adapting to climate change)
  • Transport & Traffic (because this was highlighted as being of major concern)
  • Communications Sub-group to keep you informed (see the Facebook page if you haven't already!)

3) Other points of note ...

  1. As part of the Neighbourhood Planning process (see Document Store) we have engaged David Nicholson from DJN Planning, Hereford to help guide us and help us write our draft neighbourhood plan, which will then go out to you as a community to comment on, hopefully by next Spring 2019.
  2. In the more immediate term we will be working on a comprehensive questionnaire coming to every household this summer. This will give you the chance to have your say on other and more detailed items. Keep a look out in your post box!
  3. The South Worcestershire Development Plan (the thing that is potentially affecting our development) was due to run until 2030, but is currently under review. What this means is that it is now even more essential that we continue to work on our Neighbourhood Plan without delay, Sue Collierso please keep your support coming in. Look for the TOAD banner on the Ombersley roundabout and keep checking back to this website, where we will be posting the latest news.

With kind regards

Sue Collier
Ombersley & Doverdale Parish Council

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Calling all Volunteers

If you feel that you would like to help, we need volunteers. The Parish Council cannot do this by themselves.  We need help with planning, communications, secretarial support, data analysis, IT and graphic design, and we will need help for manning drop-ins, coffee mornings, leaflet posting, photography and so on.

Everyone welcome!

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